Whatever your requirements we’re on hand to offer expert guidance to help you decide upon an experience that is right for you, and what you hope to achieve. If you know your own exact requirements, contact us to arrange a bespoke course/session. We offer a wide range of possibilities to suit all your requirements. Not sure about a course – then use our in-house service to help you identify your training needs and design a course specifically for you.

Your perfect learning experience awaits in 3 easy steps;

Step 1 – Drop us an email with your requirements (or questions) or alternatively give us a call to discuss.

Step 2 – You’ll receive an email containing a quote, date availability, and programme outline to meet your needs.

Step 3 – To book, just complete the online booking and medical form.

Once we receive your booking and course deposit/payment we will confirm the booking via email.

The customised option has the following benefits;


Is time limiting your paddling development? One-to-one courses provide the opportunity to enhance your learning curve by accessing expert coaching on a time frame that fits into your busy schedule.

Small Groups

Get together with your friends and create the perfect learning experience. Customise a course from our diverse range of open courses, or design a course from scratch.

This option has proven popular for friends wanting to grow their skills and explore new river running possibilities whilst enjoying the benefits of coaching and guiding experience.  Minimum group size of 2 with a maximum of 4.


Create an exciting and progressive learning experience that caters for a broad range of abilities within your Club. One of our core aims is to help clubs improve their capacity and capability to deliver a diverse range of paddlesport activities to their members. This is achieved through our commitment to support services for all club coaches participating on our courses, providing the opportunity to gain coaching skills and experience. Minimum of 4 members.

Course Venues

Choose your own location or allow our team to suggest the ideal location for your requirements. This coupled with our wealth of expertise will ensure the perfect course.

Course Durations & Price

We have a great deal of flexibility in the creation of the content and duration of bespoke courses, including longer term programmes. All courses are competitively priced based on the specific requirements and location.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements; we would be more than happy to help you find your coaching solution.