A sponsored version of the ADP is available for selected athletes with international potential. ASP status is not based on previous competition achievements alone, but rather, it is intended to allow the athlete to enter into a training and competition schedule which, by design, will lead to consistent improvement with respect to international results.

What are the goals of the ASP programme?

The programme this year has been set out to achieve the following:

  • To assist individuals improving on their personal best in Freestyle and/or Extreme Racing.
  • To assist athletes in gaining selection for national teams and/or international events.
  • To assist national team athletes gain medals in international competitions.

What can the programme provide me?

Sweetwater Coaching will resource athletes through the programme relative to their eligibility level (elite, performance, and development). Coaching resources are allocated based on eligibility level and each athlete’s individual training and performance plan.

What is expected of an Athlete?

ASP athletes are expected to meet the conditions set out in the ASP Carding Standards (Elite, Performance, Development) as well as comply with any coach and athlete mutual agreements. The athlete also commits to participate in a mid-season review of their training and performance plan.

How long does the programme last?

The annual programme cycle is adjusted each year to fit in with the competitive calendar and lasts for one year. The scheme will be awarded for a second consecutive year if performance agreements are achieved. A further two years is then awarded if performance agreements are achieved (during the first 2 years) to complete the programmes 4 year cycle.

How do I get involved with the ASP programme?

There are two ways of potentially entering the ASP programme; via application or via partaking in the ADP programme. ASP places are highly contended and limited. Positions are advertised as they arise through our web news and Facebook page.