“Sweetwater Coaching has extensive experience coaching all levels of ability, and is at the forefront of freestyle development. This experience and dedication has enabled us to develop and evolve coaching methods that will empower you to progress more rapidly towards your goals and aspirations.”

Dennis Newton, Freestyle Coach / Mentor


One-to-one coaching provide the opportunity to enhance your learning curve by accessing expert coaching on a time frame that fits into schedule.

Freestyle sessions offer all the latest coaching tools (including instant video feedback), to ensure you maximise your progression both during and after your time with us.

Whether it’s taking advantage of the odd session to boost your skills, or following a training plan to reach a longer-term goal, one of these options is for you.

The benefits:

  • Gain a clear understanding of how to reach your goals.
  • Bring new challenges and joy to your freestyle.
  • Develop a solid foundation from which to build more advanced skills.
  • Learn the latest freestyle techniques, tricks and combo’s.
  • Increase your understanding of holes and wave features.
  • Learn to overcome stubborn bad habits in your technique.
  • Attain essential skills to self-direct your own development.
  • Improve your understanding of the competition rules.


In order to get the best out of these sessions you should have fundamental boat control on Grade 3 water.  This includes basic manoeuvres such as breaking in/out, ferry gliding, and a consistent white water roll. You should also be reasonably fit.

Freestyle Ability: Beginner to Advanced.

Venue: Nottingham, England, UK.

Dates: As required – Please contact us to arrange a date.

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Booking more than one session, see our multi-sessions (below) for discount rates.


Want a longer-term structured programme with regular coaching? We provide a range of longer-term development packages for those wanting to learn all those nifty tricks and maximise enjoyment of the sport. Benefit from working with a personal coach who can track your progress and adjust your sessions to your current needs whilst achieving multiple goals and enhancing your progression.

Freestyle Ability: Beginner to Advanced.

Venue: Nottingham, England, UK.

Date: As required – Please contact us to arrange dates and times to suit your needs.

*Sessions bookable within a 12-month window

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If you have aspirations to compete for your National Team, then we also suggests checking out our world leading Athlete Development Programme (ADP).


Why not give your Freestyle a BOOST?

BOOST offers a series of 90min coaching sessions dedicated to exploring specific tricks. Starting with a short pre-session call to gain an insight into your needs, and a pre session video resource to help maximise your learning during the session.

BOOST uses innovative coaching methods and practices to provide confidence in exploring new tricks, and self-direct your own development.

The Boost Series covers a comprehensive range of challenging tricks including Pan-am, Air Screw, Tricky-woo, Lunar-Loop and much, much more. The series also provides guidance on essential foundation skills required to make the best of each specific session.

Learning outcomes:

  • Know how to practice or refine new tricks.
  • Attain essential skills to self-direct your own development.
  • Understand river features and maximising on their potential.

Visit our BOOST Series page for further information.


Take your freestyle to the next level, whether you are stuck on a specific trick, or you’re just not sure what you should be working on next, we are here for you.

Video Feedback (60min)

Submit video footage of yourself for detailed analysis, and then discuss what you could improve, and the practice methods to help you get there.

Freestyle Workshop (60min)

Choose a trick and explore the steps and movements to perfect your performance with expert video examples provided.

Competition Support (60min)

Explore training and competition practices, to establish new behaviours and drastically expand your capacity to self-direct your own development.

Your programme your way, “pick and mix” your online sessions:

*Sessions to be taken within 3 months from initial session.