“These programmes facilitate an athlete to search within themselves for the answers and resources they require to be limitless and meet their aspirations. Together we pioneer new levels of performance, not just for competitive gains, but for mastery of our sport and discovering its untapped potential”

Dennis Newton, ADP Freestyle Coach / Mentor


The ADP programme is a personalised coaching programme designed for both athletes / teams, and has assisted many athletes (in K1, C1 and SQRT) in becoming World Champions.

You’ll work closely with world renowned coach Dennis Newton on a one-to-one basis to get the most from your training, and steer clear of the training pitfalls such as: injury, overtraining, self-doubt and plateaus in training or performance.  Dennis will work with you to formulate your own unique training plan that helps track your training and performance progress. In addition, you’ll have access to the ADP/ASP forum and regular remote coaching via e-communication to help you through the journey to competition readiness.

We work in partnership to assist you in self-directing your own development through three main areas:

  • Self-awareness – having a good awareness of your own strengths, weaknesses, values, motivations, emotions and learning preferences.
  • Resilience – managing change and dealing with challenges or adversity and setbacks.
  • Openness to learning – seeking advice and feedback, working on weaknesses and engaging in meaningful practice and learning.

As part of the programme we’ll work together to select competitions or events in the calendar to suit your performance and training needs. Once we have established the competitive schedule the ADP training programme will then be periodised within your annual training plan.

The programme will track your progression throughout the year (through the ‘ride flow’ tracker tool); benchmarking skill and performance levels against normative data to review and adjust the programme to develop and prepare you to ultimately deliver your best competition performance.

The ADP programme content is specifically adapted to the unique needs of each athlete, considering the technical, tactical, physical and psychological elements required to realise their best performance.

“I’ve always been focused on enhancing lifestyle through our sport, and this has shaped my athlete development approach. Dream big, work towards being a world champion or more importantly, a pioneer in your own right.”

– Dennis Newton ADP Coach / Mentor

Your programme your way, pick and mix online and practical sessions

Whether it’s a single session or a longer-term programme we have a bespoke solution for you.

Contact us to create your training programme (typical examples based at Nottingham (NWSC) provided below for illustration, actual price tailored to individual programme and location).



1x 1:1 Coach Session

(2hr per session)

1x Online Session

(1hr per session)



12x 1:1 Coach Session*

(2hr per session)

6x Online Session*

(1hr per session)



24x 1:1 Coach Session*

(2hr per session)

12x Online Session*

(1hr per session)

*Sessions bookable within a 12-month window

To find out more about the programme and competitive insights from some past and present ADP/ASP team athletes, please click below.


World Class is one of the most progressive freestyle training environments in the world. Using our world renown ADP methods; here’s an experience that’s all about competitive freestyle athletes moving their performance to another level and fulfilling potential.

ADP World Class is a culmination of over a decade of thinking, training and planning with freestyle athletes including world champions. It’s an intimate, immersive gathering where we explore how to access your full potential. It’s a holistic performance programme where all aspects of mental, physical, technical, tactical development are explored to improve your training and competitive game.

The approach for this 10-day camp is all about finding, then recognising these insights, and grabbing hold of and using the ones that work for you. It’s days of total immersion into your freestyle where you’ll work hard on and off the water.

This programme is aimed specifically at athletes who are either on or close to national team level, with big goals and prepared to committee to having a presence at the forefront of our sport. If you’re curious about this opportunity please contact us to discuss your requirements.


ASP, a sponsored version of the ADP programme, is available for selected athletes with international potential. ASP status is not based on previous competition achievements, but rather, it is intended to allow the athlete to enter into a training and competitive schedule which, by design, will lead to consistent improvement with respect to international results.

What are the goals of the ASP programme?

The programme this year has been set out to achieve the following:

  • To assist individuals improving on their personal best in Freestyle and/or Extreme Racing.
  • To assist athletes in gaining selection for national teams and/or international events.
  • To assist national team athletes gain medals in international competitions.

What can the programme provide me?

Sweetwater Coaching will resource athletes through the programme relative to their eligibility level (elite, performance, and development). Coaching resources are allocated based on eligibility level and each athlete’s individual training and performance plan.

What is expected of an Athlete?

ASP athletes are expected to meet the conditions set out in the ASP Carding Standards as well as comply with any coach and athlete mutual agreements. The athlete also commits to participate in a mid-season review of their training and performance plan.

How long does the programme last?

The annual programme cycle is adjusted each year to fit in with the competitive calendar and lasts for one year. The scheme will be awarded for a second consecutive year if performance agreements are achieved. A further two years is then awarded if performance agreements are achieved (during the first 2 years) to complete the programmes 4 year plan.

How do I get involved with the ASP programme?

There are two ways of potentially entering the ASP programme; via application or via partaking in the ADP programme. ASP places are highly contended and limited. Positions are advertised as they arise through our web news and Facebook page.