“The Athlete Development Programme (ADP) is a personalised high-performance training programme designed for both individual athletes and teams. It has been pivotal in helping numerous athletes (in K1, C1, and SQRT) across Junior and Senior classes achieving ICF World Champion titles, set new personal bests, and even breaking ICF world records.

The programme empowers athletes to explore their inner resources, finding the answers they need to achieve their aspirations. Together we pioneer new levels of performance, not just for competitive gains, but for mastery of our sport and the joy of discovering its untapped potential”

Dennis Newton Coach / Mentor

What can you expect….

You’ll work closely with the world-renowned coach Dennis Newton on a one-to-one basis, maximising your training while avoiding common pitfalls like: injury, overtraining, self-doubt and performance plateaus.

He will collaborate with you to create a personalised training plan that tracks your progress. This plan benchmarks your skills and performance against normative data, allowing for targeted adjustments to your training and optimising competition readiness.

In addition to personalised coaching, you’ll have access to the ADP/ASP Group Chat and regular remote coaching via e-communication, to help you through the journey to peak performance.

He will encourage you to explore your own experiences and capabilities, unlocking a seemingly boundless level of performance by aligning inner strengths with competitive aspirations.

We collaborate to empower you in self-directing your development across three key areas:

  • Self-awareness: Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, values, motivations, emotions and learning preferences.
  • Resilience: Effectively managing change and dealing with challenges or adversity and setbacks.
  • Openness to learning: Seeking advice and feedback, working on weaknesses and engaging in meaningful practice and learning.

The ADP will be seamlessly integrated into your annual training plan once we’ve established your competitive schedule. This ensures a holistic approach to your development.

Remember, the ADP is tailored to your unique needs, encompassing technical, tactical, physical, and psychological elements. Your journey toward excellence starts here!

Venue: NWSC, Nottingham, England, UK.

Doesn’t Include:

  • Paddling Equipment.
  • NWSC whitewater access fees.
  • Insurance, travel, accommodation, food, or drink.

Dates: As required – Please contact us to arrange a date.

Accelerate development through your own personalised training camp…

Your programme your way, pick and mix practical and online sessions…

Whether it’s a single session or a longer-term programme we have a bespoke solution for you.

Typical examples based at Nottingham (NWSC) provided below for illustration, actual price tailored to individual programme and location*

*Sessions bookable within a 12-month window

The following outlines the ADP typical process:

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