Consultancy Services

Our Consulting Services offer technical advice and support for all aspects of white water paddlesport built on our years of leadership and practical real-world experience. We have provided this for clubs, colleges and national organisations to help them ensure best practice and deliver training and assessment of staff.

Our methodology is based on internationally recognised standards and best practices, and is tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Whatever your requirements don’t hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call.

We currently offer services in the following areas:

Training Solutions & Technical Advice

This advice can cover such areas as:

  • Staff training and validations
  • Cover for events
  • Coach training or update courses and workshops
  • Training Programmes for National Teams (see our ADP page)
  • Technical Advisor for Outdoor Centres

Filming Technical Service for White Water

Film Tec Serv Image 1Sweetwater provides a trusted technical service able to organise first class training and safety cover for the film industry, whether it be a full blown feature film or a small independent TV production. We have worked with the BBC, providing white water safety cover, coaching kayaking skills and organising interviews with world class athletes. Services include;

  • Selecting appropriate filming venues.
  • Filming safety cover
  • Positioning of camera crews.
  • Safeguarding the general cast and crew on and around the water.
  • Training actors and stunt personnel.

This is very much a bespoke service, please contact us to discuss what we can provide for you and your production.