We’re thrilled to formally announce James Bebbington (GBR), David Rogers (GBR), Tamsyn McConchie (GBR), and Lane De Meulenaere (BEL) are joining the ASP Team 2021-22.

Their athlete bio’s will be appearing on the ASP team page soon.

The 2021-2022 ASP athletes…

Robert Crowe (GBR), Ottilie Robinson-Shaw (GBR), Gavin Barker (GBR), Marlène Devillez (FRA), Harry Price (GBR), Claire O’Hara (GBR), Brooke Hess (USA), Visa Rahkola (FIN), Anna Bruno (USA), James Ibbotson (GBR), Abby Holcombe (USA), and Islay, James Bebbington (GBR), Lane De Meulenaere (BEL), (GBR), Tamsyn McConchie (GBR), David Rogers (GBR).