The week kick’s off with a warm up day getting to know the features and setting goals for the rest of the week. The general themes of the week follow a training to train, training to compete and competing to win approach. This progressively layers skills to provide not just the technical, but also tactical, psychological and physiological elements to reach your full ride potential. It’s great fun and it’s not all about competing, it’s about throwing down the best rides possible as individuals and as a team. It’s up to you how long you would like to focus on each of these themes.

We’ll be using all the latest coaching techniques and comprehensive resources to maximise your progression throughout, including daily video analysis and a final report with recommendations to assist your future development…

If you are just starting out in freestyle our coaches will fast track you forward. If you already have freestyle experience we guarantee to take you to the next level and open your eyes to new and progressive ideas such as combo’s, and ride strategies.

In order to give you some flexibility to meet your own personal needs there’s a 5 Day £240 or 3 Day £180 option running during the same week.

For more information please see: Nottingham Freestyle Development Camp Overview (PDF)

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Hope you can join us