Earlier last year I started working on a new self-funded project that supports paddlesport clubs in providing freestyle activities (grass-roots and beyond). Its been a fun process that has drawn on my diverse coaching work and experiences. As part of the final phase I would like to invite club coaches to partake in a pilot running at HPP (free of charge).

Who will benefit;

Paddlesport Coaches who wish to explore what benefits freestyle can bring to their club activities and explore their own potential. 

The pilot is open to all coaching disciplines (all nationalities), no freestyle experience required. To get the best from this course we recommend that you are already active in assisting/delivering paddlesport activities within a paddlesport club.

What to expect:

The weekend is about providing you the know how to run a productive group sessions that can be adapted to participants needs. It’s highly practical – taking a skill (any skill) getting to know that skill, then working out a way to coach it – It’s fun, exciting, and challenging.

Hopefully you’ll return to your clubs and test-run selected parts of the project (typically 3-4 sessions) and provide feedback of your experiences (no questionnaire, just a chat with myself on your experiences). I’ll support all those involved via e-communication.

What level of ability is required;

There is both flatwater, moving water and land based coaching activities, so we can accommodate all levels of ability. For those wanting to be water based we will be using flatwater and the whitewater course (grade 2-3). It is possible to do the course without getting wet, but where’s the fun it that!

Participation Age:

18+ (looking for a broad age spread) I’ve run coach development course for freestyle up to the age of 73. Happy to chat if you have any questions.

Max Participants:

12 people (those who can’t make this event will be placed on a short list for the next available opportunity).

What’s not included;

Accommodation/Camping Fees
White Water Course Fees

How the overall process works;

1) Register for the course and receive a booking & health form.
2) Attend the course and learn the latest freestyle coaching skills
3) Return to your club and pilot a section of the Club Support Resource (supported by myself)
4) Provide verbal feedback about your experiences.

Hope you can join me for a fun weekend of freestyle and support taking this project to your local clubs…

The course will be this summer (dates will be confirmed later in January). Please let me know if you’re interested. Any further questions regarding this course then please let me know.

Email dennis@sweetwatercoaching.co.uk or FB message us to register.