Sweetwater Coaching has been at the forefront of ladies freestyle development for many years, and have had the pleasure to work with some of the most inspirational and talented paddlers out there.

This year we’d like to raise the bar of female performance even further and are adding a 2016-2017 goal to break the 1k points (under the current ICF float rules). This is one of the most challenging goals set for our female athletes, but with new thinking, comes new possibilities, and we’re stoked to see where this partnership goes.

To support this, Sweetwater Coaching are looking for two promising UK female (age 18+) athletes to partake in the world class ‘ASP’ programme. This is a unique programme that provides a 2 year training programme. Entry to the programme is not based on past achievement, but more about nurturing future potential towards world class performance.

Applicants will be shortlisted and those selected for the programme will then have a six month trial period on the programme before fully joining.
Apply now (applications close at the end of January).

If you are interested please FB message or email dennis@sweetwatercoaching.co.uk with the following information; Date of Birth; Current ability (no more than 300 words); What will you bring to the ASP programme (no more than 300 words); and what you feel the programme will bring to you (300 words).

Further information on the ASP programme can be found on the sweetwater coaching website.

Need a taste of what’s to come, check out Claire O’Hara one of our inspirational athletes on the ASP…

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