I’ve just returned from an awesome time in Norway running a freestyle camp with a group of talented national team paddlers and young future rising stars.

We stayed at the Sjoa Kayak Camp which was only 5 mins from the Jølgen wave. The Sjoa river has a number of great rapids and play features, so we mixed it up daily between river runs and park and play. Each day we explored various areas of performance development including; performance analysis, mental rehearsal, strength and conditioning and lots more, allowing plenty of time to chill and BBQ. The guys were awesome and we made great progress with loads of moves being thrown down.

Next stop was Randsbølgen (near Hønefoss city). Although it was hard to leave the Jølgen wave behind, we wanted a couple of days dedicated to hole moves, and Randsbølgen is one of Norway’s only artificial play features (within 1 hour of Oslo). The water level was a little on the low side, but the feature still provided all the opportunity we needed to further enhance the competitive aspects of their paddling.

Here’s a few photos from the trip….