I’ve just recently returned from the Grand Canyon. Before the trip I knew immediately I wanted to take a playboat. I had so much fun, surfing huge waves and holes – sometimes these were challenging just to stay on, and other times they let you throw massive air moves. It was great fun, never knowing if you were going to get a great ride or be driven deep and exit the feature.

Although there were many flat sections on the journey, the rapids were never too far apart and seemed to show themselves just as you started thinking about them. We had a number of rafters and kayakers in the group and I mixed it up as much as possible taking time in the raft as well as boating. It was my first experience with oar rafting and found it very rewarding to learn – not to mention the raft makes a great super carrier to avoid paddling the playboat on the flat. We were so lucky with the weather as it was perfect sunny days with little wind apart from the penultimate days boating, which required a full on 19 mile push against a driving wind that at time stopped the raft in its tracks.


There were also a lot of great rapids, with most of the rapids providing multiple lines and challenges for everyone. I also managed to boat on every rest day as I lucked- in, with play features never too far away. I experienced so many memorable large play features and although not all of them were perfect the amazing scenery and the freedom from modern trappings and time constraints more than compensates.

One morning I found a wave just down from the camp. It was a steep surging wave but only held its form for a few seconds. I watched it for a while observing its rhythmic surges, as if the river was breathing and after many attempts, I hit a sweet air screw – then I flushed once again. Looking around I felt so connected to the Canyon, my senses felt sharp and in tune with the river and its surroundings. I’d visited the Canyon before this trip, and even trekked in and out, and this made it all so spectacular as I can imagine how insignificant I am down here in my playboat, never-the-less having the time of my life with friends.