From the 1st March 2014 Canoe Wales (CW) will reinstate a facility charge payable by all paddlers. Canoe Wales has subsidised paddling on the Tryweryn since July 2008, however this has proven to be unsustainable.  CW expressed that to secure the centre’s future as a year-round paddling venue, they must generate an income from all of those who use it. They hope all paddlers understand the need for, and support these facility charges.

The fees will be as follows:

  • £7 per day for members of a British National Governing Body (CW, CE, SCA, or CANI).
  • £14 per day for non-members.
  • Parking Fees are £1 for 2 hours and £3 all day / minibus parking is available for £5 for 2 hours, or £10 for the day.