I’ve always felt that no one should be in a position during assessment where they are worrying about failure. What if you could have the opportunity to run through the assessment criteria with a trusted highly experienced coach and attend the assessment relaxed and well prepared. Leadership preparation days are a custom programme designed for individuals wanting to benchmark their readiness for assessment and gain valuable feedback. The programme meets and exceeds the BCU assessment criteria ensuring that you are confident that you are ready to meet the required assessment standard.

Before the day even begins we provide a river leaders profile questionnaire. This helps you understand and identify your strengths and areas needing further development, and helps us maximise the benefit of the day. The questionnaire is discussed with your coach before the course and helps form a mutual agreed set of goals for the day. This will also be a deciding factor on river selection. The individual spends a day paddling with a friendly highly experienced level 5 whitewater coach, with the aim of building confidence in their decisions and interventions.

The programme is predominantly student centred, allowing the individual plenty of time to lead the days paddling. The coach shadows providing feedback that helps the individual to refine their leadership skills. The feedback focuses on enriching the guide and group relationship. This includes skills that are necessary in;

  • Supporting individual group members and listening to their different perspectives and guiding them to positive outcomes. Being aware of the needs of the group and adapting the leadership style to maintain a healthy group dynamic.
  • Effectively managing the change in pace and nature of the descent, to suit the needs of individual ability levels within the group to deal with the environmental demands of the river and surrounding terrain.
  • Identifying river features and understanding the hydrology that causes them. Then using this knowledge to formulate tactics that meet the needs of the group and support the successful descent of the river.
  • Showing the ability to move decisively around the river using up to date techniques that are both efficient and effective at maintaining boat control.
  • Communicating information in a clear and concise manner whilst ensuring information is presented in order of priority. This includes briefing the group on the nature of the river, their roles and responsibilities with the group, and methods of communication using signals and audio devices.
  • Maximising the group’s enjoyment of the river throughout the experience by providing appropriate challenges through river selection and selecting lines down rapids. Ensuring all individuals within the group are included and active throughout the river journey.

Throughout the day we apply video analysis methods (such as filming you briefing the group, communicating the nature of the rapid and the lines required to run it). This is used in the final debrief to help you gain a personalised action plan, designed to guide you towards a successful assessment.

We have a number of  open dates available, but due to the highly custom nature of this course we predominantly run them on request. This allows us a greater flexibility in river selection, and allows you to choose your own location, or allow our team to suggest the ideal location for your requirements.

If you are interested in attending one of these courses then please contact us to discuss your requirements; we would be more than happy to help you find the coaching solutions you are seeking.