The Younguns Freestyle Tour is open to any padders who are aged 18 and under on January 1st 2013. The tour consists of five dates throughout the Spring and Summer of 2013 spread across the UK to encourage new paddlers to try their hand at freestyle kayaking. The only thing you need is a reasonable white water roll and a lot of energy and enthusiasm!

Due to the unique way in which this tour is run, paddlers and their parents are encouraged to come along and experience this event. The aim is to encourage new paddlers in to the sport in a safe and friendly environment. Furthermore parents are free to join their child on the water throughout the day (and of course the parent needs to be in sight and sound of their children throughout the event) The day typically consists of a free practice session in the morning and then a competition event in the afternoon.

If you would like to get involved please checkout the their website for more information: or visit the facebook page.

Here’s a recent video of the first event in the 2013 Younguns Freestyle Tour.  Filmed by Bren Orton and Brandon Hepburn.