The Speed Loader takes the hassle out of repacking the rope after use. The bag throws easily and accurately and is bright green for high visibility. So what makes the Speed Loader work better than other bags? The bottom of the bag is flat so that it will sit upright on a near by rock or river bank and the top opens super wide making it fast and easy to stuff the rope back into the bag. After stuffing the rope back into the bag simply draw the top string tight, tuck the sides in and snap together. Its simple, easy and most importantly it works.


  • Bag Material: polyurethane coated nylon pack cloth
  • Mesh side vents: allow water to slip thru and speeds up drying
  • Attachment webbing: 3/4 ” nylon keeps the Speedloader tight and compact
  • Rope: Polypropylene sheath adds buoyancy and protects the high strength inner core.
  • Length: 15m
  • Color: Bright green for high visibility

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