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If you are looking for an inspirational kayaking experience you’ve found the right place; we only run trips to world class destinations and learning environments. We’re all about exploring rivers in pristine wildernesses or unique urban settings to discover amazing rapids to run or freestyle features to shred. If this is for you, your journey starts here…

Your coach guided experience will provide many valuable benefits to your trip. As well as knowing the area so that you paddle the best rivers, they will show  you the best lines and play spots, whilst coaching you in the latest techniques and enhancing your performance. This is definitely not just guiding, it’s a way to help you learn to coach yourselves and put structure to your own development. The results are long term progression which will go on long after the trip has become a reflection on the next great journey.

Can’t find the trip for you? Just let us know, as we specialise in bespoke guiding and coaching experiences.


Scotland West-Coast Classics

Scot West-Coast Image 1

This programme is geared towards paddlers who are looking to paddle a wide range of rivers, exploring the best that the Scottish highland has on offer. A perfect trip for those wanting to gain more diversity in their paddling experiences, including; technical gorges, steep creeks and large volume. As with all our trips you’ll have the best coaching available.

Destination: Scotland – West Coast

Abilityty Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Trip Duration: 6 Days

Accommodation: 7 Nights

Price: £575

Dates: See Calendar

Further Information: Scotland West-Coast Classics Overview (PDF)


Scotland Steep Creeking

Scot Steep Creeking Image 1

Join us and immerse yourself in this exciting world of steep creeking. This is an action packed program aimed at intermediate to advanced boaters who want to improve performance and gain experience in this challenging environment. The programme is designed to deliver the necessary skills needed to tackle steep creeks, granite slides and waterfalls successfully. You’ll be coached in all the latest boating skills needed for this exciting and challenging environment; including techniques, tactics, scouting and setting up safety.

Destination: Scotland

Ability Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Trip Duration: 6 Days

Accommodation: 7 Nights

Price: £575

Dates: See Calendar

Further Information:  Scotland Steep Creeking Overview (PDF)


Ottawa – Freestyle Development Camp

Ottawa Camp Image 1

With the chance to paddle one of the best play boating rivers in the world – the opportunities to progress your freestyle skills are limitless. Now add world class coaches into the mix and you have a melting pot for an action packed holiday that provides accelerated learning and a whole lot of fun.

Depending on the water levels during the trip we will also offer the opportunity to experience other world class play waves such as the ‘Lachine’ on the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal, and ‘High Tension’ on the Gatineau River.

Destination: Canada – Ottawa

Ability Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Trip Duration: 12 Days

Accommodation: Accommodation/Camping

Price: 1195

Dates: See Calendar

Further Information: Ottawa Freestyle Development Camp Overview (PDF)


ADP – ‘World Class’ Freestyle Camps

ADP World Class Camp Image 1World Class is one of the most progressive freestyle training experiences in the world. Using our world renown ADP methods, here’s an experience that’s all about competitive freestyle paddlers moving their performance to another level and fulfilling potential.

It takes your paddling on a journey that looks at Technical, Physical, Psychological and Tactical skill and adds depth of knowledge and new capability. It looks at the difference that makes the difference to the ‘World Class’ athlete in pursuit of glory.

The approach for the 10 days is all about finding, then recognising these insights, and grabbing hold of and using the ones that work for you. Ten days of total immersion into your freestyle where you’ll work hard on and off the water.

Destination: Uganda

Ability Level: Advanced

Trip Duration: 12 Days

Accommodation: Camping/Accommodation

Price: £895

Dates: See Calendar

Further Information: Uganda Freestyle Development Camp Overview (PDF)



For details on how to arrange a bespoke white water course, trip or experience please click here > customising your course