ADP World Class is a culmination of over a decade of thinking, training and planning with freestyle athletes including world champions. It’s an intimate, immersive gathering where we explore how to access your full potential. It’s a holistic performance programme where all aspects of mental, physical, technical, tactical development are explored to improve your training and competitive game.

The approach for this 10 day camp is all about finding, then recognising these insights, and grabbing hold of and using the ones that work for you. It’s days of total freestyle immersion, with interdisplinary sports science specialists.

The camp programme condenses key areas of the ADP programme. The information below is by no means exhaustive, as the content covered greatly depends on individual needs;

  • Understanding ICF freestyle rules and scoring criteria, learning tricks and ride routines to optimise your scoring potential.
  • Understand athlete normative ride data within the ICF World Championships, gained through an in-depth performance analysis of the best athletes.
  • Developing athletic capacity to support tricks and ride routines – athletes gain a valuable insight into optimising and measuring their performance.
  • Assisting athletes to learn about bringing more discipline and focus to their sport, building on the foundations of skill and love of white water and freestyle.
  • Ensure learnings are adopted as part of a continuous reflective cycle (Plan, Do, Review) to maximise learnings.
  • Understanding the key phases of major freestyle competition and the associated challenges.
  • Understanding the right state of mind to perform at your best, having mental warm-up routines, and having techniques to refocus if distracted.

How does the programme work?


Before your camp, there’s a comprehensive review of your training and competitive journey up to now, to identify what’s worked well and areas we can further improve.

Includes the following resources:  

  • Easy to follow athlete questionnaire. 


The coaching process begins with a 1:1 discussion with Dennis to explore your training and competition experiences to date.

The aim is to achieve an entirely new level of clarity around your goals and criteria for success, and to leave this phase equipped with:

  • A break-down of your challenges and opportunities.
  • Personalised performance map.
  • Objectives for the programme ahead.
  • Programme pre-reads and support resources.

Together we’ll establish the next steps to begin implementing the tools, models and approaches that are best for you.


Enjoy practical coaching sessions where we’ll work together on objectives specific to your goals, on and off the water. You’ll be provided with a range of support resources during and between training sessions, including meaningful video analysis and performance data tracking:

  • Athlete Development Workshops.
  • Regular & Instant video analysis with illustrated feedback.
  • Tracking of your trick and ride progress through the camp.


One-to-one review discussion with Dennis will close the camp, including:

  • A quantitative breakdown of improvements across key performance metrics.
  • Comprehensive debrief covering improvements, remaining areas for development and key learnings for ongoing, future success.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s included and not included.

Trip Inclusions:

  • Programme support resources.
  • Video & performance data (copies provided).
  • Post camp report.

Items not included:

  • Flights (we will coordinate these and provide details of the flights you should book).
  • Personal travel insurance.
  • Freestyle Equipment