I’m excited to be launching the ‘Riders’ youth programme in partnership with Ottilie Robson-Shaw and Mike Shaw.

Earlier this year I reached out for your input to the Riders, with an amazing response. I really wanted to ensure continuity in the programme that would work around our hectic schedules, which led to the partnership. Ottie, Mike and myself will be lead coaches on the programme with guest athletes and coaches joining us.

Ottilie Robson-Shaw is a multiple consecutive ICF World Champion who has a wealth of experience. I’m stoked to have her as a founding partner, and bring her experience to shape this unique programme to develop strong, confident freestylers.

Michael Shaw is an experienced coach who has worked with grass-roots through to world class. Mike’s experience enhances our key pledge to support aspiring freestylers in every step of the journey to give them the best start possible.

Our coaching approach is to ensure an inclusive environment where participants are free to progress at their own pace, and experience the joy of whitewater and freestyle.

Hope you can join us