I was not alone. I am so incredibly grateful for the village that supported me to my World Title.

Thank you to Dennis Newton. Den, I wouldn’t be anywhere without you and I am so incredibly grateful for your time and support over the last three years! I came to you with a dream and we turned it into reality with years of hard work and zoom calls. You truly are a supercoach and I’m so incredibly grateful that you are MY supercoach!

Thank you to Claire O’hara. You started this journey for me almost 10 years ago and I am eternally grateful for it. Without you and the generosity of your time, I honestly might not be a kayaker and I am so incredibly grateful for all of your support and guidance over the past decade. You coached me in my first World Championships and I am so grateful you sacrificed your time to coach me throughout this World Championships. (And thanks to Jez, Sky, and River for sharing Claire with me)

I don’t know how I got so lucky to not only have one but TWO phenomenal coaches.

A massive thank you to my parents for teaching me that nothing is impossible with a lot of hard work and for spending the last three years chasing the best freestyle spots across the country/world. I love you both so much and your sacrifices to get me to this World title have not gone unnoticed.

And a special thanks to my mom for the endless hours of towing, filming, and support these past three years. You have gone above and beyond to support my journey to this title and I am so grateful for all the quality time that we’ve gotten together.

Thank you to Aaron and Rhona. I don’t know what I would have done without your genorosity as I quite literally would have been kayakless. So thanks a million for letting me borrow a boat. As well as a big thank you for all of your generosity over the years. I appreciate you both so much! Squarerock

Thank you to Dori and Mary. Tearing my abdominal muscles that close to Worlds was heartbreaking to say the least and without your help I absolutely would not have stood on top of the podium yesterday. heftymuscles_smt_ Thank you to Chris and Rachel for not only being incredible friends but for helping me get on track with a strength training program.